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Pathways Yoga Systems, Ltd .. PO Box 843.. Exeter, NH 03833

Pathways Yoga is a fundamental and uniform approach to the teaching of the esoteric and scientific art of yoga. Traditionally, yoga teachers are certified in their knowledge of, and ability to teach, the various aspects of the yoga system. There are many excellent schools of yoga where the training is based on the tradition of the founding teacher. Pathways is dedicated to using the most effective techniques of all yoga traditions and incorporating them into classes in a basic, educational, easy to understand manner.

The goal of Pathways is to create a consistent method of instruction.

  • Classes will be standardized.

  • Teachers of this method will use the same class formats and teaching techniques.

  • Teachers will be able to interact easily with other Pathways Yoga classes and teachers, thus insuring an uninterrupted flow in classes.

  • Pathways class schedules are formatted to the specific needs of their clients.

  • In case of the need for a substitution of the instructor, another Pathways teacher will be able to step in easily.

  • Employers will enjoy knowing not only that their teacher is certified, but has a support group that will help ensure an on-going program.

  • Students will feel confident in attending Pathways Yoga classes because they will know what to expect.

  • Teachers will be able to move easily between medical, corporate and educational facilities.

Yoga is highly recommended as a healing form of exercise by the medical profession.

Pathways Yoga teachers recognize the importance of therapy and incorporates the awareness of their students personal needs into every class. Each student is individually recognized in class and special needs are addressed.

Pathways Teacher Training

The Yoga System is based on the eastern teachings of the Ashtanga.
Called the Eight Limbs of Yoga, this consists of :

Yama........ethical codes of Do's
Niyama........ethical codes of Dont's
Hatha........Physical exercises
Pranayama........Breathing exercises
Pratyahara........focused energy systems

Level1 training will focus on the "Pathways Yoga Systems" method of teaching four of the branches. This course will deal mainly with:
Hatha Yoga....Pranayama....Pratyahara....Meditation

The spiritual aspects of yoga are intrinsic to any deeper understanding of this path. In view of this, it is recommended that teachers be versed in the
other limbs of the Ashtanga as well as the ones in the Level 1 training course.
This can be attained through general and private classes, workshops and reading material. Further information will be a part of Level ll and Level lll courses.