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Pathways Yoga Systems
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Techniques for teaching classic yoga in the Western World.

603-475-7770..PO Box 843..Exeter, NH 03833

The aim of Pathways Yoga Teaching Systems is to bridge the gap between the fitness world and traditional yoga classes. It addresses the needs of the whole person and establishes a fundamental understanding of "mind, body, spirit". It teaches how to approach total wellness and gives the tools needed to motivate individuals to accept responsibility for their own health. Instruction in physical movement/ asanas, breathing exercises/ pranayamas and relaxation/meditation practices is an integral part of every class.

Pathways Yoga Systems (PYS)


Curriculum Schedule Information

Thank you for considering Pathways Yoga Systems as your yoga school.

Pathways Yoga Systems is a Wellness School and PYS teachers begin their training learning correctives and conditioners which help them conduct general classes that anyone can attend. The ability to teach asana in this specific manner is divided into three groups.

Level I certification ... is a ten-month beginner/gentle yoga teacher training program designed to enable you to begin assisted teaching within 6 months. You will be mentored by senior teachers within their classes to help you gain personal experience. Level I Registration Form.

Level II certification ... is a 20 month Hatha Yoga teacher training program which fulfills the 200 Hour training required by the Yoga Alliance. It will include advanced asanas, the chakra system and basic introduction to philosophy. Both levels may be taken simultaneously with the approval of the director. Level II Registration Form.

Level III certification... is a three year, 1000 hour course. Prerequisite is successful completion of Levels I+II. You will reach the 500 hour Yoga Alliance requirements during this level and receive your certification at that time. The certification of Yoga Therapist may be attained during the additional 500 hours needed to complete Level III. Level III Registration Form.

PYS Payment Procedures and General Policies

Credit Card Payments

We are happy to announce that we are accepting major credit cards as a form of payment for Pathways Yoga Workshops and Teacher Trainings. This new option for payment will make registering for classes, workshops and monthly payments easier for our students. You may pay your monthly class fee directly from this webpage by clicking on the following link: Pay by Credit Card Now.

Registration Fees

Registration fee is due at the time of submitting an application for registration. Registration fees are
$600 per Training Level program. If registering for more then one level simultaneously, then there is a
20% discount off the 2nd Registration fee ($120 discount). If an applicant is not accepted to the program,
the Registration fee will be returned in full. Registration fee may be paid by check or credit card. If
paying by credit card, contact Caroline Mallard, to have an electronic
invoice issued.

Classes Fees

Remainder of the tuition (class fees) is due at the beginning of the month that the course begins or
when the applicant begins the program.
In an attempt to make pursuing teacher training a reality for anyone, we will offer payment plans to
accommodate student’s needs. To request a payment plan, contact Caroline Mallard. We will review
your request and try to come to a reasonable solution.
If you have been granted a payment plan, then please refer to the terms of the plan. Payments are due
the first of the month and may be paid by check or credit card. Failure to comply with your payment
plan may result in the full amount being due immediately.
Registering for Monthly Classes
Even when enrolled in a Teacher Training program it is still necessary to register each month for the
Teacher Training workshop. This ensures that we have materials prepared for you and are aware of any
potential absences. To register you may go to www. , select “Events” and click on
the event on you are registering for. When you register it will ask you if paying by check or credit card.
If you are on a payment plan and wish to pay your monthly payment by credit card, select this option. If
you are paid in full or paying by check, select “check”. There is also a link to the Calendar in the monthly
Payments are due the first of the month. If you are not attending that month for some reason, payment
is still due. You may send your check to PYS or if you wish to pay by credit card, contact Caroline Mallard to arrange a credit card payment.

Missed Classes

There are times when for whatever reason, a student must miss a Teacher Training class. If you will not
be able to make a class, please notify your teacher in advance. Your teacher will discuss how to get
materials that you may need to you. It may be decided that you will not get the materials at this point
but take the class the next time it is offered and at that time receive the materials. The decision will be
made by your teacher how best to proceed. Please remember that if you have a payment plan, then
payment will still be due for that month.

Additional Workshops

Additional Wellness or Specialty Workshops are offered periodically. These workshops are open to
students and occasionally the general public. Students enrolled in a Teacher Training Program will have
priority. Fees for these workshops may vary and hours attended will contribute to overall hours for
program completion. These Workshops are not included in Teacher Training tuition. All PYS workshops
do fulfill YA requirements for CEC (Continuing Education Credits).

Additional Basic PYS Classes

Students enrolled in PYS Teacher training will also need to take basic PYS yoga classes with a certified
PYS teacher. These classes will give you an opportunity to practice what you learn in your monthly
training classes and to further observe PYS teachers. These classes are not included in Teacher Training
tuition. Your PYS Teacher Training teacher will be able to assist you in locating suitable classes in your

Questions on Materials or Homework

Please refer any questions or thoughts you may have on materials to your teachers. You do not need to
wait for class; you may email them when you have a question, see below.

Materials/ Books

PYS will provide your class materials and workbook. In addition, other books may be required
throughout your studies. You may purchase these on your own or borrow them from the library to
complete assignments. You will also be required to do further research as part of your homework and
will be required to use the internet for some assignments.

PYS Mentoring Program

This program is unique to Pathways Yoga Systems. It has been devised to help new teachers gain
experience and confidence in their teaching abilities. Senior PYS Teachers will act as mentors but
students will have to request mentorship from a teacher.
• The ' open to the public' morning yoga class preceding the training course is free for teachers in
training and is considered a part of their schedule. Hours are given for participation.
• Student teachers get experience and guidance from faculty by teaching classes during this time
schedule. Requests for a time slot should be made in advance... approval by the head of training is
• Each prospective teacher is required to have a minimum of 2 audited classes to complete their
certification. If teaching at our location during training sessions is not possible, special
arrangements may be arranged.
• Students should contact their mentor if they need added help and/ or private lessons to review
classes. While mentors do not charge for their time, it is hoped that students respect and honor
the time given by whatever arrangement is agreed upon.

Home work

It is best to keep up with homework assignments as you receive them. Expect to spend many hours a
month on homework. However, there are times when you may not be able to get to the assignment
before the next class. You will not be penalized if work is not completed on‐time; however you will not
receive certification until all assignments have been completed. Please note that most assignments will
be discussed In the next class so it is important to try to stay current so that you may participate in class

Homework assignments are turned in as follows:
Please send your homework via email to Fill in the “Subject” box as
follows: Level ( fill in your level) Assignment # ( fill in the assignment #)
Homework will be downloaded by faculty and reviewed. You may also send questions regarding
homework in the same fashion, fill in the subject box as per above, however at the end type “Question”
The appropriate faculty member will respond to your question via email.
You should print a copy of your assignment for your records and for review in class but do not need to
bring in a copy to turn in. You may send your homework in at anytime. Please note that you may not
receive certification until all assignments have been completed.


There are several criteria that go into certification. Among them:
• Have attended all classes (this includes make up classes)
• Have accumulated the required practice hours by taking classes with an approved PYS teacher
• Have completed all assignments
• Have completed the requirements for student teaching
• Have sufficient class hours (additional specialty workshops will contribute to these hours.)
• Teach at least two audited classes
You may refer to your syllabus for specific requirements per Level. Upon completing your requirements
for PYS certification, you will be able to apply for Yoga Alliance Certification. Your Certification from PYS will be accepted as proof you have completed the requirements. See Yoga Alliance for fees and
administrative requirements for their certifications

PYS Contact Info......Who to call for what?

Academics...... Questions regarding homework/assignments / missed classes for:

• Level 1 : Kathy Ullrich
• Level 2 : Pat Bruno or Maggie Morgan
• Level 3 : Sharon Watson

Questions regarding enrolling in a program and setting up payment plans: Caroline Mallard
Questions regarding payment status: Rebecca Wheaton
Questions regarding on‐line payments/credit card payments: Caroline Mallard

General PYS Business Info
Info for Newsletters and general announcements: Caroline Mallard

Business Associates : Caroline Mallard
Web page, email, etc.

Contact emails
Pat Bruno:
Caroline Mallard:
Kathy Ullrich:
Angela Wasson:
Sharon Watson:
Rebecca Wheaton:
Maggie Morgan:


PYS Pyramid Workshop Monthly Schedule   

Session A                          Session B                         Session C

              Second Saturday                       Third Saturday                          Fourth Saturday



  Level I

  9:00 - 1:00


Level II second year

 9:00 – 1:00


Wellness Workshops

 10:30 - 2:30

Level II First Year

 1:00 - 4:00

Level III

 500 hours

1:00 - 3:00


Subjects and dates announced in Newsletter

 To receive the newsletter request at...


 Level III—1000 hrs.(Arhum certification)


Chakra Workshop

3:00 - 6:00

  Open to the general public




Tuition... Each level is divided into a registration fee and class fees.

Level I :Tuition: $1200 ($600 non-refundable registration fee + $600 class fee (1 year program.)

Level II :Tuition: $1800 ($600 non-refundable registration fee + $1200 class fee (2 year program)

Level III: Tuition: $2400 ($600 non-refundable registration fee + $1800 class fee (3 year program)

Pyramid Workshops

The Pyramid Workshop concept was devised to provide a full yoga program for PYS Teacher Trainee's while minimizing the amount of time needed for participation. This workshop format allows potential teachers to conveniently schedule all their classes on one day a month. Monthly classes on a pre-arranged day allow students to plan their calendars for the year. Missed classes may be made up within the yearly cycle. A second workshop each month is provided for CEU Wellness Classes. The overlap time allows for asana practice, assisting, practice teaching, spiritual and social interaction.

Level I classes begin at 9:00 am and end at 1:00 pm

Level II First Chakra classes begin at 1:00 pm and end at 3:00 pm

Level II Second Year classes begin at 9:00 and end at 1:30

Level III 500 hr.classes begin at 1:30 and end at 6:00 pm.

The overlapping workshop time allows teachers to interact and become aware of each other's abilities, specialties and localities. Since everyone occasionally requires a substitute for their classes, this is an important feature. The ability to contact someone you know, who can teach the same basic (core) program, is vital to maintaining continuity, a good client base and financial security. This program allows teachers to: 1. Get to know each other- 2. See each other teach- 3. Experience different approaches- 4. Practice teaching at all three levels- 5. Become a QTT after completing the 1000 hour certification- 6. Have the opportunity to share with each other. 7. Establish a yoga sanga "community"- 8. Acquire CEU's in specialized yoga classes.

LOCATIONS... The monthly Pyramid workshops take place at the Yoga Room, Hampstead, NH.

YOGA CLASS INFORMATION Additional weekly classes are available as are monthly seminars to help the student to achieve mastery over their personal asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation practices.


To complete the registration and enrollment process download and fill out the appropriate TEACHERS TRAINING REGISTRATION FORM and mail it along with your check for the registration fee to: Pathways Yoga Systems TTR PO Box 843 Exeter, NH 03833



Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding a PYS Course.

What specific questions do you have that I can help with? I'll try to answer the most commonly asked. " Our Level I course covers 100 hours in 10 months and will begin on the second Saturday in January. "Your hours begin to accumulate as soon as you begin to attend Pathways classes with a certified Pathways Yoga Teacher. "The monthly workshops are Pyramid workshops: on the 2nd Sat., the 3rd Sat., and the 4th Sat. of the month at The Yoga Room in Hampstead, NH. Pyramid workshops allow students to plan their calendars, to participate with other teaching levels during the same day, and allow everyone to work with each other to acquire teaching hours. It also allows students to take more than one level at a time if they so choose. If you are interested in attaining the 200 hours required for the Yoga Alliance, you may be able to take Levels I and II simultaneously. " The registration fee is $600 for each level " Workshops are $60 each and include tests. " In case of a missed class, if your registration is paid in full, tests may be requested and the workshop can be made up at a future date with no extra cost. " I do not accept credit cards but I do have payment plans available on request. You can check our web-site and read more about the teacher training at If you still have questions...



Pathways Yoga.. P.O. Box 843.. Exeter, NH 03833

Or call: