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Practices and techniques that will stay with you throughout your life.

Pathways Yoga Systems Ltd. a 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified School, teaches classic yoga in the Western World. PYS teachers use Deconstructed Wellness Applications along with their own personal styles of yoga including Arhum Yoga. It offers 4 levels of accomplishment that total 1000 hours of experience.

Pathways Yoga Systems address the needs of the whole person, establishing a fundamental understanding of "mind, body, spirit", which allows students to bridge the gap between the fitness world and traditional yoga classes. Students learn an approach to total wellness and receive the tools needed to motivate individuals to accept responsibility for their own health. Instruction in breathing and relaxation, philosophy, guided imagery and meditation practices, (as well as physical exercises), is an integral part of every class.


Special Class Offerings

ARHUM YOGA For experienced students who wish to practice hatha yoga, pranayama, sound vibration and meditation within a sanga.

AQUA YOGA The density and resistance of water provide an ideal environment for relieving the mental and physical stress of everyday life. This well-rounded class is especially helpful for anyone wishing an active, motivational system of exercise supported by water buoyancy.

BEGINNER HATHA: Classes are basic hatha yoga Instruction of poses, breathing and relaxation. This is recommended as an introduction to yoga or as a refresher course for students who prefer to work at a moderate pace.

GENTLE CLASSES: Classes are formatted for people who desire a basic class with detailed instruction. These selected practices are recommended for all those who have never attended a yoga class and/or would like an on-going gentle movement class.

SENIORS YOGA: are basic yoga classes that are specially designed for an easy but well-rounded class. It is recommended for Seniors and those who are recuperating form a period of inactivity.

Restorative/Wellness Yoga Classes

Pathways Yoga Systems is a member of the New England Seacoast Holistic Health Association

PYS teachers recognize the importance of special needs and incorporate an awareness of their students personal requirements in every class.

COPING WITH ARTHRITIS. A motivational system of daily exercise for the special needs of people who wish to exercise daily for pain relief and ease of movement.

YOGA FOR THE BREATH. This class is designed to help the respiratory and nervous system by teaching you practical, easy to perform, exercises that you can do at home.  

CARING FOR YOUR BACK. Exercise can do so much good for your back that many doctors agree it tops the list of back pain prevention strategies.  Studies have shown that stretching, strengthening and postural training help to produce excellent results in pain relief. 

YOGA FOR YOUR HEART This class bridges the gap between therapy and main stream activities and provides an ongoing workouts group.

PRE/POSTNATAL A body awareness class to help the mom-to-be learn breathing and relaxation techniques while toning and conditioning the muscles needed for childbirth.

YOGA FOR FERTILITY This is a gentle body awareness class which focuses on reducing stress by releasing tension in muscles and calming the mind with meditation and relaxation techniques.

YOGA FOR MS, PARKINSONS, and other wellness needs... body awareness classes are recommended. Each class includes, breathing, stretching and relaxation techniques. *Land classes for floor and chair exercises are offered to help all levels of ability. Also recommended are AQUA YOGA Classes. The density and resistance of water provide an ideal environment for supporting and strengthening muscles while relieving the mental and physical stress of everyday life. This well-rounded class is especially helpful for anyone wishing an active, motivational system of exercise supported by water buoyancy.


A specialty of Pathways Yoga Training, "Body Awareness", a wellness approach that optimizes the physical, psychological well-being and spiritual aspects of each student, allows Pathways teachers to provide customized programs that work with your doctors and therapists recommendations.


The Body Awareness technique is a slow, wave-like motion with the focus on combining breathing and body movements while maintaining your concentration on how your body feels at each "pressure-point" of change in the exercise.

It should be an isolated movement with the rest of the body as totally relaxed as possible. This is a form of moving meditation, which requires the practioner to use mental as well as physical energy to do each exercise properly.

Doing this form of practice daily will have the ultimate accomplishment of letting the practioner become aware of the exact places of discomfort/pain in the body. It will help to identify strong and stress relieving areas surrounding those places that can be used to facilitate healing. Gradually, (depending on the time, focus and dedication of the practioner) one learns the exercises that help the most and can then begin to formulate a personal exercise routine.

Unfortunately,all problems cannot be totally healed, but this form of exercise will bring attention to areas that need to be addressed and/or help to prevent any further deterioration of those areas.

The practitioner will then be aware of needing to:

1. Do new or additional exercises.

2. Go to a health practitioner for aid before the problem can accelerate into distress.

Remember that the goal of this program is self-awareness. The combination of physical (body and breath) movements and mental concentration help to focus each practice internally. Stress reduction will be a natural result of these exercises.

Pathways Yoga Systems Teacher Certification

courses are offered by Founder and Director Pat Bruno

Pathways Yoga teachers are a network of yoga teachers who use the same class formats in their classes. This gives them the ability to substitute for each other with no interruption in class progress/flow.

Pathways teachers are popular for their ability to assure on-going classes and are requested by Hospitals, Colleges, Health facilities, and Adult Ed courses. They are also available to format and teach corporate programs and private classes.


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