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Level II Certification is a two year course of instruction.


Classes are held on the second Saturday of each month in the Pyramid workshop from 12:00-4:00

Personal Practice:

Practice of more advanced asanas and pranayamas

Knowledge of Sanskrit names of the asanas

Study of chakras and yoga philosophy

Teaching intermediate level classes

Meditation techniques

Teaching specialized Hatha Yoga classes:

An important part of Pathways Yoga is being able to incorporate every student into a general class. However, this is not always easy for the teacher or the prospective student. Understanding the requirements of special needs will help the teacher to encourage each individual to participate and also enjoy their class.

Topics that will be covered are"Yoga for".....

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Asthma/ Breathing

Back problems



Pre-and post natal



Each class includes anatomy, physiology, yoga asanas and pranayams adapted to the specific needs of the study topic.

It is important to remember that Yoga teachers are not physicians or therapists. These classes will cover what is important for a teacher to know as a general guide to safety and wellness. They should be viewed as an aide to the teachers ability to:

Work with medical Wellness Programs

Help motivate and encourage students

Provide the tools students will need to achieve their wellness goals.


Level I Certification from Pathways Yoga Systems.

Registration fee: $600

It is possible for a student to take Level I and first year Level II simultaneously if approved by the faculty. Registration is separate for the two levels but workshop fees are combined. If you elect to combine Level I and Level II first year you will receive a significant discount on your Level II registration fee, Pay the full registration fee for Level I and receive a 50% discount on the Level II registration fee (a $300 savings). Class fees of $600 for both levels are still due for a total class fee of $1200. With prior approval, this may be paid on a monthly basis for 10 months (Double level class fees are $120 per month, $60 Level I and $60 level II). Monthly fees may be paid by CC or check, due the first of the month.

The cost of each Pyramid workshop is $60. There will be a minimum of 10 workshops to cover the required material. Arhum Yoga seminars will cover the balance of required hours.

100 hours are needed to complete the course. This may be achieved through workshops; assisting in Pathways Yoga classes and audited teaching within your own classes.

On-going monthly seminars are available to assure that proficiency is achieved. Fees for these workshops are available at a reduced rate for enrolled Level II students.

Certification at this level will bring the student up to the Yoga Alliance National "200 hour" requirement.