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Level III Certification is a three plus year course of instruction.


The goal of each Pathways Yoga Systems Teacher is to help each student achieve their highest aspirations and to be a gentle guide along the road to self-discovery.

Level III 500 hour RYT workshops will be held in a Pyramid Workshop on the Second Saturday of each month from 2-6:00 pm.

Registration fee: $600

$60 per workshop

Pre-requisite: the successful completion of Levels I and II and faculty approval.

Level III is the study of the complete yogic path. It is for those students who wish to continue with their yoga sadhana.

Meditation,chanting, practice of the Ashtanga, several years of practicing hatha and kriya yoga will all combine to culminate in a teacher who is knowledgeable, talented and able to contact their higher self in a self-less manner.

Certification at this level will indicate that the student has attained a grasp of yogic principles... and is a practitioner of them. Also, upon completion of this level, the skills neccessary to teach Arhum Yoga and approved Level I Training courses will have been achieved.

Practices of Level III:





Energy Work

There will be a required minimum of 898 hours needed for completion.

350 of these hours must be with Pathways teachers.

152 non-contact hours

The other hours may be accrued by study with other approved Pathways Yoga Teachers.

However, the length of time it will take for completion will vary depending on the experience the student brings with them as they begin this level of certification.