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Level I Certification is a one year course of instruction.


This is a course of study that has been designed to help educate a yoga student in the practices and procedures needed to become an instructor of traditional yoga on a beginner level.

It is not necessary to wish to become a teacher to take this course. It is also a good course of study for the serious student who wishes to deepen their knowledge of this ancient science.

Asana, breathing practices, correctives and conditoners, and relaxation and meditation techniques are all included in this curriculum.

A student must attend a minimum of ten classes to attain the teaching proficiency of Level 1 Certification.

The course of study is structured to guide the student in his/her training and practice over a period of 10 months inclusive, with a workshop held on the second Saturday of the month, from 9:00 to 1:00 PM.

If a student cannot attend 10 consecutive classes, arrangements may be made to receive a test for the workshop fee, and the class time may be made up at a later date.

The fee to enroll in the program is $600.

Class fees are $600. Payment plans may be arranged with prior approval to spread this payment out over 10 months ($60 per month, due the first of the month via CC or check)

You will receive your personal "Pathways Yoga Teachers Notebook", which you can use to compile your papers and in which to keep your notes.

The hours needed for completion of certification may be gained in several ways. Additional workshops, accreditation from other teaching facilities, class time in an approved Pathways class, and assisting time with an approved Pathways teacher will all be taken into account.

Level I qualification requires 100 hours. This includes 40 workshop hours, 10 hours reviewing of tests with instructor, and 20 hours of in-class time (working on perfecting asanas).

Assisting, observing, personal teaching hours and workshops should account for the remaining required hours. If all qualifications cannot be achieved in the minimum amount of class hours, approved extra work may be applied to your final qualifications.

To complete your certification, your instructor will evaluate your teaching skills: while you assist other Pathways Yoga Teachers in classes, during Pathways Workshops, and in your own "pre-certification" practice teaching classes.