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Pathways Yoga Systems is the teaching branch of Arhum Yoga

Arhum Yoga is an ancient system for the mastery of the inner self through watchfulness and direct perception.

Arhum Yoga encompasses all aspects of philosophy and yogic practice in the Arihant spiritual tradition.

Derived from the Jain system of yoga, it was brought to the USA by H.H. Acharya Sushil Kumarji Maharaj in 1975. He was a Jain Monk and a master of meditation and the science of sound.

Arhum Yoga is only taught by a very few. Two of its main teachers are;

H.H. Amrendra Muniji Maharaj of Delhi, India
Pat Bruno (Swami Padmananda) of Exeter, NH, USA

Hatha Yoga classes in the Arhum Yoga tradition are taught as complete yoga experiences and include breathing and meditation in every class. Sound vibration is taught as a part of the meditative experience.