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About Susan Krantz: Boston Area

Susan teaches yoga at:

The Private Yoga Space...Jamaica Plain, Mass.

Private and semi-private yoga sessions ............617-524-1997

Women's Fitness Center, Boston, Mass.

Gentle Yoga

www.womensfitnessof ...617-227-1221

Community Health Institute

Winchester Hospital, Woburn, Mass.


Yoga for Recovery

Gentle Yoga ......... 781-756-4700

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is a class for all levels that includes breathing, movement and relaxation.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is a gentle, safe and effective way for women to care for themselves during pregnancy. The intention is to help women connect with their body, that is home for two, to deepen their trust in themselves and in their ability to give birth.

Yoga for Recovery

Yoga for recovery is for women living with, through and beyond a breast cancer diagnosis.

Private Yoga Sessions

Susan works one-on-one with students who have a variety of special circumstances. Private instruction is useful in identifying strategies for a personal yoga practice that are not addressed in a class environment. During the session postures are adapted to meet the needs of an individual. Private Sessions are ideal for developing a personal home practice and/or to address specific health concerns, injuries and goals.

Examples of specific issues of past private clients were coping/managing cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery, poor flexibility, asthma, lupus, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Susan also works with individuals with neck, back and other acute and chronic physical injuries.


International Association of Yoga Therapists...2004

Yoga Alliance, RYT...2004

American Viniyoga Institute, Haiku, Maui... Gary Kraftsow...Teacher Certification Diploma...500 hour level...2003...

Pregnancy Yoga Certification ... Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Lenox, Mass. ... Janice Clarfield... 2003

Pathways Yoga Systems, Exeter, NH...Pat Bruno...Teacher Training Certification ... Levels I, II and III (500 hour Level) 1998-2002, E-RYT 2004......