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About Pat Bruno

Pat Bruno, health, fitness, and stress reduction specialist, is a certified Yoga teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience.

She has trained in Hatha and Arhum Yoga under numerous accomplished and exacting instructors, including Indian Masters.
She is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level.

Pat, also known as Swami Padmananda, has been a householder Swami in the Jain Tradition since 1978. She received diksha through the auspices of
HH Shree Archarya Shushil Kumar Maharaji

Pat has tutored in fitness and stress reduction at hospitals, women's groups, and in private industry. Her well-received and specialized program for arthritis, to reduce body discomfort and increase stamina, is an apt example of her individual and pioneering approach to exercise and good health. This dynamic teacher believes that the particular needs and desires of each student must be the basis of any program offered.

Massachusetts: Pat has taught popular courses at Tufts University, Salem State College, had her own television show on cable for three years and her own studio of yoga in Medford.

NH: Pat created a popular and successful yoga program at "Synergy"; Exeter Hospitals Health and Fitness Facility. She now teaches Arhum Yoga at The Yoga Room 472 Route 111, Village Plaza, in Hampstead where she also holds monthly workshops and Teacher Training programs. Her Level I and II students are RYT approved at the 200 hour level.

NJ: Pat holds seminars as well as yearly retreats at Siddhachalam Jain Ashram in Blairstown.

Pat has also taught seminars in NY, Houston, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

Please see the events page for current class offerings.

Pat can be reached at:


Pathways Yoga Systems Ltd

PO Box 843

Exeter, NH 03833

Or call:

Pathways Yoga in NH at 603-475-7770