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About Laurel Beaton: Exeter, NH and surrounding area

I have been studying under Swami Padmananda (Pat Bruno) founder of Pathways Yoga Systems since 1997. I am a Level III, certified 500 hour Pathways Yoga Systems teacher currently working on my Level III 1000 hour yoga therapist certificate. I love sharing my passion and knowledge of Pathways Yoga Systems with all students new or continuing.

Am able to intigrate multi level classes to suit each individuals physical needs. My classes reflect my fun loving, easy going style as well as offering knowledge and benefits of yoga.

My strengths are in back care and I offer a Tuesday evening 6 week class through Exeter Adult Education on Yoga for Back Care.

I truely believe that the benefits of yoga should be shared with everyone. When we are educated then we have that choice to do what we want with that knowledge. My aim is to share with my students what has been given to me through Pathways Yoga Systems.


PYS Level I

PYS Level II

PYS Level III 500 hours

PYS Back Care

PYS Arthritis


Currently Offering Classes at:

Back Care - Exeter Adult Education - Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:00 (6 week session)

Yoga for Wellness - Exeter Adult Education -Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:00 (6 week session)

General (Yoga for Wellness) - Exeter Parks and Recreation - classes available Mondays, Wednsdays and Thursdays