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His holiness Jain Acharya Shri Kumarji (1926-1994) was a self-realized master who was well known for his practice of the effects of sound on spiritual progress and his teachings of the Arhum Yoga system. Arhum Yoga is an ancient Jain system for the mastery of the inner self through watchfulness and direct perception. It encompasses all aspects of philsosphy and yogic practice in the Arihant tradition.

Arhum Yoga includes the Eight Limbs of Yoga, sound vibration, healing, awakening of the kundalini and all divine powers, color science, holistic healing, the concepts of Ahimsa and the perfection of the soul.

His Holiness pursued an academic career and obtained a degree of Shastre, Acharya, Vidya-Ratna and Sahitya-Ratna. He also mastered classical Indian and yogic philsosphies.

As a Jain monk, he was well known for his unprecedented international tours. Their purpose was to share the message of non-violence, peace and oneness of all living beings with the world.

He was the founder of the World Fellowship of Religions (1950), The World Center of Non-Violence, The International Mahavir Jain Mission (affiliated with the United Nations) and Siddhachalam, the first and only Jain Tirth in the US. You can contact them at

Devoting himself entirely to the uplifting of all living beings, he spent more than five decades of asceticism and selfless service in the name of peace, unity and universal brotherhood.


"Truth is one, but there are many aspects and many pathways to that truth.
We must become open-minded.
There is so much confusion on the spiritual path because people think that theirs is the only way and all other ways are not correct.
There is not "one " way.
Some people think their systems, are the only way to practice...the only way to meditate.
All different systems are related.
Many spiritual groups promote their gurus as the one true master for this era.
They feel their way is completely separate, unique and superior.
I choose to teach you all things so that you don't become prejudiced.
After that you can follow one system for practice.
For knowledge, you must understand all systems."