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About Kathleen Ullrich: New Hampshire Seacoast / Newburyport Areas

"Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat to at any time."   (Hermann Hesse)

Kathleen Ullrich is a certified PYS, Level III, Wellness Specialist who is well versed in all the modalities taught by Pathways.  Her advanced study in 'Yogic Breathing and Wellness' guides Kathy's students in developing awareness and benefits of conscious breathing.

Kathy has been a student of Pat Bruno's (Swami Padmananda) since 1996.  She shares her dedication to and knowledge of Arhum Yoga and the Pathways Yoga Systems with students of all ages in beginner, gentle, aqua and ongoing yoga classes.

Kathleen Ullrich is the Teacher Training Manager for Pathways Yoga Systems. Contact Kathy for any inquiries about our curriculum, programs and schedules.


Pathways Yoga Systems, Levels I,II,III,

Yoga Alliance, E-RYT 500

Reiki Level II

PYS Faculty, Teacher Trainer, Breathing Specialist, Wellness Teacher

In addition to being actively involved in the daily operations and management of Pathways Yoga Systems, Lld, Kathy is currently offering classes at:

Synergy....... Exeter, NH

Riverwoods....... Exeter, NH

The Yoga Room........ Hampstead, NH

United Church of Christ........ N. Hampton, NH

Pathways Yoga........ Hampton, NH